HS2 Developments

Work on HS2 has now commenced. Any information relevant to the village on this topic will be published here alongside general information.

‘Outcomes of HS2 meeting:At a very well-attended meeting on Saturday 21st October in the LI Community Centre, representatives from the HS2 Engagement Team presented what will be happening in the locality when HS2 construction begins. It was both interesting and rather overwhelming. There were many questions, which we are in the process of typing up along with the appropriate answers. There were some questions left unanswered and we are doing our best to get replies. Just for information – the presentation didn’t make clear that a roundabout will be installed at the crossing of the Long Itchington Road and the Fosse Way when the road is closed for duration of the works. The road through Offchurch at that crossing will not re-open.’