History Group

The History Group has been working on several fronts according to our various experiences and interests:

  • The stimulus to the formation of our group was the Churchyard survey conducted in late 2009. This mapped and identified all the graves in St. Leonard’s churchyard together with photos and details of the Memorial Inscriptions. This is a valuable resource particularly for those researching family history.
  • Mapping housing and the families who lived in them as far back as possible
  • Interviewing and recording residents and former residents who have extensive knowledge of the village, its history and its people.
  • Constructing a time line of local events and putting them in the context of national and international events.
  • We have some examples of old photographs of Birdingbury and its people.
  • Developing an archive of information about the past for the future and providing secure facilities for its storage.

We have recently produced a booklet, Birdingbury Men at War. If you would like a copy, please contact us.

If you would like to join us or have any material (e.g. photos, maps, documents, artefacts etc) that you think might be of interest please contact us at: birdingburyhistory@hotmail.co.uk